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Medtronic IPC PowerEase
Sale used Medtronic IPC PowerEase Surgical Instrument Included : Medtronic IPC Console..
$5,090.00 $4,350.00

Volk Pictor Plus Portable Retinal Camera
Sale new Volk Pictor Plus Portable Retinal Imaging System The Pictor Plus portable retinal c..
$4,240.00 $3,800.00

Wol-Ceram ELC-2020
Sale used Wol-Ceram ELC-2020 Electro Layering Ceramic Dental CAD/CAM System Product Description ..
$1,500.00 $990.00

Zeiss GDx VCC
Sale used Zeiss GDx VCC Laser Diagnostic Technologies Fine refurbished 100% working conditio..
$3,980.00 $3,500.00

Sale used Zeiss OCT-III Stratus Corneal Tomographer The OCT-III Stratus is an imaging device that..
$6,100.00 $4,990.00

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