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Olympus BF-1T40
Sale used Olympus BF-1T40 Bronchoscopes Fiber Bronchoscope with 6.0mm diameter, 2.8mm channe..

Olympus BF-30
Sale used Olympus BF-30 Bronchoscopes Slim Fiber Bronchoscope with 6.0mm diameter, 2.2mm channel,..

Olympus BF-XT30
Sale used Olympus BF-XT30 Bronchoscopes Fiber Bronchoscope with 6.3mm diameter, 3.2mm channel, 12..

Olympus CF-Q140L
Sale used Olympus CF-Q140L Colonoscopes Olympus Wide Screen Video Colonoscope 12.9mm Insertion Tu..

Olympus PF TYPE 28
Sale used Olympus PF TYPE 28 Angioscopes Olympus Fiber Angioscope 2.7mm Insertion Tube, 1mm Chann..

Stryker 1088 HD Camera
Sale used Stryker 1088 HD Camera System Features: Crystal-clear image quality. User frie..

Stryker 1188 HD Camera
Sale used Stryker 1188 HD Camera System The 1188 HD offers superior picture quality, enhanced cla..

Stryker 988 Camera System
Sale used Stryker 988 Camera System Imaging System: 1/3” Interline Transfer, EX view HAD CCD 752 ..

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