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Provides a ophthalmic equipment, online service for you to sell second-hand or new and discounted optical equipment and practice Supplies.

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Righton NP-3S Auto Projector
Sale new Righton NP-3S Auto Projector The Righton NP-3S Projector is a tried and tested projector..

Righton Remote Vision RV II
Sale new Righton Remote Vision RV II Digital Refractor Automatically send your lensmeter and/or a..

Righton Retinomax K-plus 3
Sale new Righton Retinomax K-Plus 3 Hand Held Auto Refractor/Keratometer The series is Retinomax ..
$3,240.00 $2,500.00

S4Optik Cobra Fundus Camera
Sale new S4Optik Cobra Fundus Camera The S4 Optik Cobra provides Wide-Field 60° Non-Mydriatic Ret..

S4Optik Manual Keratometer
Sale new S4Optik Manual Keratometer S4OPTIK Keratometer has improved on the standard by using cur..

Sonomed 300AP+ A Scan/Pachymeter
Sale new Sonomed 300AP+ A Scan/Pachymeter The PacScan Plus 300AP+ offers a portable, digital, com..

Tomey RC 5000
Sale new Tomey RC 5000 Auto Refractor Keratometer Highly Accurate Simple to Use Touch Screen Di..

Tomey TL 3000C
Sale new Tomey TL 3000C Auto Lensmeter Specifications Measurement Range : Spherical Power(SPH..

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