Ultrasound System

An ultrasound machine creates images that allow various organs in the body to be examined. The machine sends out high-frequency sound waves, which reflect off body structures. A computer receives these reflected waves and uses them to create a picture.

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Acuson Cypress Plus
Sale used Acuson Cypress Plus Portable Ultrasound Machine Specification : Acuson Cypress Plus - ..

ATL HDI 4000 3D Ultrasound Cardiac/Vascular
ATL HDI 4000 Ultrasound  Manufactured 2002 Rev This system is used and has ..

Clarius C3 Premium Ultrasound Scanner
FEATURES High-quality resolution without any wires Convex Probe for 3-30cm depth Operates on virt..

Electro-Acuscope 85p
Included : Electro-Acuscope 85p System Trigger Probe Indifferent Probe Standard Ball Tip..
$1,940.00 $1,700.00

GE 5C Ultrasound Transducer/Probe
Transducer 5" x 1.5", cord length 80", Connector module 5" x 2" 2 1/2 lbs weight GE 5C Ultraso..

GE Voluson 730
Standard Features: 3D/4D Real-time Imaging State-of-the-art user interface with 10 “Touch Sc..

Mindray DP6600
Sale used Mindray DP-6600 Ultrasound with 75L38EA probe Mindray DP-6600 ultrasound diagnosti..

Philips C9-4ec
Sale used Philips C9-4ec Ultrasound Transducer Probe Philips C9-4ec Ultrasound Transducer Probe ..

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